Save your fingers

Recently I read a blog post "There is a limited number of keystrokes left in my hands before I die" by my friend Artur Karbone and it dawned on me, that he is right. There is something magical about blogging and I want to share my findings with you.

Answer questions using blog

I stared to take blogging seriously for half a year now and what I found out is that you can share your information on the topic and refer to your material next time someone asks you the same question. So answer all questions by writing a blog post, not only it will save your time (and fingers), but also you will increase your credibility as a professional. So there is synergy taking place.

Blog as a marketing platform

Also, if you have a very specific problem that you solved in your work, share it! If you need to do marketing as a freelancer or to promote your company, you can say: "Yes, we worked in this field, here is a blog post(s) that we wrote in regards to this topic".

Importance of writing

Writing is one of those great crafts that help us to achieve clarity of mind. The more I write, the more I am able to communicate my ideas over to my client/boss/spouse. Writing also is sort of meditation for me. I can start to dig in to a single topic and forget everything around me at time. This is what developers call "Being in zone". It looks like I am in the zone right now.

Blogging as research

Sometimes is hard to sit down and learn a new thing, does not matter if it is programming language or something else. Very often you do not see an end to it. When you determine yourself to write a blog post on topic X in Y amount of time, you have a goal and it's achievable. Once you written an article about your topic, you will have clear understanding about this subject and you will do the research in more depth than you would otherwise.