Helping non-technical founders with laying right foundations for their web projects.

Do you have a team of software developers on the other side of the world and do you feel like you are way over your head on the technical decisions that are being made? Believe me, that is very common.
Like with any software project, you have to lay the right foundation and make sure that there are no decisions made that will significantly increase cost and time of development in future.
It is almost impossible to make these decisions and technology choices without being few times at both sides of spectrum of failure and success. I have been at both. I have seen projects moving and an amazing pace and I have seen projects struggle with technical debt.
I am strong proponent of “Make the change easy and then make a change” philosophy.
With whom do you work?
I work with non-technical project owners that need guidance and want to be sure that most optimal technical decisions are made in their projects.
I specialise on Ruby / Ruby On Rails and Phoenix/Elixir technology stacks.

Project review and analysis

In this type of deal, I get my hands dirty and analyse your current code base and provide guidelines on how to fix the most problematic parts of the code base.
As an end result you will get a document on what needs to be done for the software project to lose some fat and to move faster. This document will be usable by your technical team.
This engagement costs $3000 and is payed 100% upfront. If you are not satisfied with this document, I will refund you 100% of the cost.

Retainer deal

With retainer deal I work with you and one appointed contact from the development team (usually a team lead) and I make sure that the software project is on the right track on weekly basis.
This includes me monitoring the code base, having a weekly meeting between you, me and the team lead and being reachable within a business day by the email.
Retainer deal costs $4000 a month. It is payed at the beginning of each engagement month. If you are not satisfied after the first month, I will refund 100%.